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OBN III's Interview

This past year, Austin, Texas Garagepunk band OBN III's released their debut LP off the fantastic Chicago Record Label Tic Tac Totally. These fine gentlemen are getting all kinds of press from the garagepunk world, from Maximum Rock n' Roll Issue #344 to being mentioned in several issues of Razorcake, to the upcoming issue of Bananas Magazine, a new non-profit garagepunk zine coming out of Brooklyn, like so much other good stuff, need I say.

I got in contact with Orville, the lead singer of the OBN III's on gmail about a week ago and got the privilege to ask him about the band, where they come from and where they're going. It's a treat to read and I hope you like it. These guys are getting bold in a big way and doing it live for garagepunk in a way that would make Bill O'Reilly cry, which would be freaking sweet. They've got a few sweet 7"s, a couple on Tic Tac Totally and the other on Super Secret Records, and a damn good Debut LP "The One and Only," which any garage or punk nut should immediately get.

Orville mentions in his interview a tour of the South/East/Midwest in May and June, so hopefully some of you all will get to see some of the crazinesss that he talks about later in the interview. Hopefully we will hear more glorious garagey wonder and be able to talk about it for a long time.

You can support the band here:

Without further ado...Ladies and Gentlemen...The One and Only OBN III's

Me: So I saw that you guys are going to be putting out a 7" for Matador, on their 7"
subscription service. Can you tell me a little bit about that and what it means for the future of the band, or even if it says anything about the future?

Orville: The Matador 7" came about by way of Gerard Cosloy being ever present at shows in Austin, TX. Bad Sports and A Giant Dog have released songs on his compilations before whether through Matador or his own label 12XU. What it means for the future of the band is uncertain as the future always is. When I know something, I'll tell you.

Me: How did you get set up with Tic Tac Totally for your debut LP?

Orville: Max Meehan and I work together at Beerland. Max sent the first OBN III's recordings to Matt Clark at TTT. They knew each other from talking online, although they had never actually met in person at that point. Matt was super psyched about our stuff and almost immediately put out a 7". The first TTT 7" came out a couple weeks after "No Way to Rock and Roll" b/w "Got More Love" on Super Secret Records. Later in 2011, TTT put out "Mark On You" w/ "Heavy Heart"... a double B side. By the time that came out, I had already send Matt the material for the album.

Me: Do you plan on staying with Tic Tac Totally for a while?

Orville: We have an agreement

Me: What kinds of day jobs do you and your band mates hold?

Orville: Like I said, I work at Beerland doing live sound a couple nights a week and booking with Max. Occasionally, I record bands too, but that's more of a hustle than a job. Matt Hammer (drums) is in school and works at Sputnik, a burger'n'brew joint. Jason (guitar) works for IBM. Andrew (guitar) is finishing his graphic design schooling soon and works at Starbucks... we get lots of free coffee. Graham (bass) interns with out sound guy Jack Donahue at Audiotech Austin fixing amps. He pays rent making pizza at Salvation and occasionally as a bouncer at Antone's. You can also see him hanging at Trailer Space Records on Mondays

Me: Have any of you played in bands before?

Orville: We've all played in bands for awhile. Matt used to play drums in the Strange Boys. He and Graham also play with Quin Galavis. Matt and I sometimes play with John Wesley Coleman, occasionally together, whenever we're available. Jason and I played in our first band ever together in Junior high on into high school. Andrew and I played together in another band throughout high school and beyond. He's had a couple other bands too. Graham, Andrew and I play together in A Giant Dog. Jason and I have a new band with Max Vandever of the Fleshlights called the Best. I play drums with A Giant Dog and James Arthur's Manhunt, guitar in Bad Sports, bass in the Best and obviously OBN III's, you know. Anyway, I've always had about three bands or more at a time since I started playing in bands in high school. There were a handful of bands in Denton I used to play with too. I'm working on a list of people that I know who've played in bands listing all of their bands past and present as well as all the members with the intention of building a large interconnected web through which you can trace how many bands are actually in some way related.

Me: What are some of your top albums of 2011?

Orville: Top Albums of 2011
The Fleshlights Muscle Pop
The Energy Get Split
Natural Child 1971
Liquor Store Yeah Buddy
Video Leather Leather
The Wax Museums Eye Times
Wiccans Skullduggery
there are more...

Me: What is the craziest show you all have ever played?

Orville: Perhaps the craziest show I ever played was with Chief Death Rage at Dallas Disturbathon in 2006 I think. We played naked. There's a video out there somewhere. That or Bad Sports at a house party in Austin during SXSW a couple years ago. I got tackled over the drumkit, I got beer bottles straight to the eye. There might be others, but I can't remember all of them right now. OBN III's have had some really good shows, crazy perhaps. I've climbed into rafters at a couple shows, bled on people, crowd surf, you know typical stuff.

Me: Do you have any future plans to tour?

Orville: We're touring the south/east/midwest in late May and early June

Me: How did you all know each other?

Orville: Like I said, Jason and Andrew and I have known each other for a long time. I met Graham in high school also. Matt and I met some time in 2005, I think. While I was in college.

Me: How did the band start?

Orville: I've told the story of how the band started so many times, I think it would be redundant to print here. In short, I threatened to name a band OBN III's for a long time and one day booking for Beerland decided to fill a date on the calendar by starting a new band.

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