Monday, May 21, 2012

Double Negative Plays 2201 W Huron in Chicago

Hey SportsFans,

Double Negative, Triangle Area Royalty, and Hardcore Punk Royalty, are playing a sweet house show tonight with Sea of Shit, and a couple other rad bands.  It's gonna be an amazing time.  Dig crowd-surfing, beer drinking and punk rock?  This is right up your alley.

Sorry State Records just put out their newest 7" called "Hits Volume 3" and I haven't had an opportunity to pick it up, but you can listen to the Sorry State Bandcamp found HERE.  It's probably gonna be available at the show tonight for ultra cheap, in comparison to ordering online through the website with shipping.  I know Daniel Lupton, the mind behind SSR is going to be touring with these guys so it's going to be a great show.

Double Negative is incredibly interesting.  It's like hardcore confusion as they say, meaning that their vocalist played in an indie band signed to Merge Records before he joined the hardcore scene, and that band was around in the 90's.  The band has some amazing guitar lines and the instrumentation is all on point.  I've seen them three times, opening for the likes of Ty Segall and Off! and Trash Talk and they were great each time.  Definitely a well-recommended group to check out.

They're playing a DIY house show at 2201 W Huron in Chicago today and it's going to be awesome.  Not sure of the price, but I imagine somewhere in the realm of $5.  it's going to be great.  You should go if you consider yourself a good or even mediocre person.

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