Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview (Sort of) with John Wesley Coleman

John Wesley Coleman With His Fun-Time Guit-Box
At first I was pissed when I got Wes' response to my interview questions.  I sent him an e-mail after seeing him at the Duke Coffeehouse after we had hung out for a while and talked about writing (I'm an aspiring novelist and short-story writer) as well as drank a few (too many) beers.  It was also the show where I met Dan McGee from Spider Bags, which was a blessing in itself because he's awesome, a great musician, and a real pal.  Anyway, Wes and I hung for a bit behind the mercy table slamming back Yuenglings and I brought up the possibility of an interview and he said he'd be down.

He didn't respond to my first e-mail.  But about a month later I e-mailed him again and asked if he were interested.  He responded, in what would be typical fashion, "shoot me some questions. word up."  So I did.  He got back to me fast.  A little too fast, actually.

They are a bunch of very short responses.  At first, I was a little annoyed, but then I started looking at them a little more and listening to his records.  They're pretty fucking perfect answers.  Like.  I really think they're good.  I don't know if this counts so much as an interview, as much as it is a portrait of an enigmatic thrasher rocker who likes to have a good time.  Regardless, I think it's actually good shit, even though I was a little annoyed at first.

The Golden Boys with the Fun Times
John Wesley Coleman is out of Texas and he plays in The Golden Boys as well as has a really great solo act that has some punk influence, some country influence and some other weird shit in it.  A little Bukowski.  A little Burroughs perhaps.  Definitely beat influenced, at least in my regard.  It's fun.  He puts on a great show and is definitely worth checking out.  You can get a JWC album and Golden Boys album HERE or dig the new Golden Boys record HERE.

I don't know how to define this interview, but it's fucking funny.  Unfortunately, I can't say that he speaks about it better than me haha, but here's the interview nonetheless.

Jordan:  What do you do outside of making music?

JWC:  Skateboard, thrash

Jordan:  Is there a certain lifestyle that has allowed you to record what you do?

JWC:  Make pizza, thrash

Jordan:  What influences the music you make?

JWC:  The Streets

Jordan:  When did you start writing music and recording?

JWC:  elementary school i was writing songs with piano, 14 i was writing with guitar

Jordan:  Do you feel that there is something in your solo work that makes it much different from Golden Boys stuff?

JWC:  Party

Jordan:  What characterizes the subjects you tackle as a solo musician?

JWC: blues skate rock

Jordan:  When did the Golden Boys start?

JWC:  About 9 years ago

Jordan:  How does that whole songwriting process go?

JWC:  random.. after a few bong riffs or tequila shots..hunting trips..mushrooms

Jordan:  You said you were a writer the last time we hung out.  What all do you write?

JWC:  i write total trash ..made up bs that makes me laugh

JWC as a Cartoon With a Funtime Donkey Cartoon
Jordan:  Is there a general theme in what you write other when it isn't music?

JWC:  naw ..maybe about about my cat and dog and girlfriend and the streets

Jordan:  Which writers do you like to read?

JWC:  don't really read that much

Jordan:  Do you have a stance on the importance of reading?

JWC:  do it!!! better than video games

Jordan:  I've been seeing that you're a skater?  How's that been?

JWC:  ripping up the old body

Jordan:  Are bands pretty close in the Denton area?  What's that like?  Do you all hang out much?

JWC:  dento 4 hours away. it rules..good times..close connections from here and there..transit rats! punk rats!

Jordan:  What bands are you into now?

JWC:  Crazy Spirit, local bands,.., jazz, Quinn galaviz,

Jordan:  What's up for the future in JWC III?

JWC:  skateboarding Bowls, laser flips

Jordan:  Anything else?

JWC:  Enjoy your summer. buy vinyl, 

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