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Interview with Fancytramp!

A female centaur playing the git-box under "Fancytramp"

Every now and then, I'm hanging at my pad (probably eating rice) and scouring the internet for new stuff. Then usually my buddy Kyle turns me to Get Bent for a band he really likes. I don't know what it is about Rice ad Kyle (possible link since they both use long "i" sounds in their names - must continue research) Kyle's got great taste in music so I generally take him up on that. And usually, amid mouthfuls of rice, I, for lack of a better word, lose it because I am so impressed with the quality I hear. That's exactly what happened when I first heard Fancytramp. These guys rock in the best way possible. Think Golden Triangle met PJ Harrvey and then Ty Segall decided that he had crushes on these two girls and needed to impress them by playing guitar (for free!) for them - it's got a powerful female singer backed by a relentless howling guitar over some rickety rocking drums.

So I bought the EP off their bandcamp, which you can listen to for free as well, which can be found here - I usually include links up here at my description before the interview, but Fancytramp incorporated them into the interview, so I figured I didn't have to. Sorry if I let anyone down though.

The band is currently on a short tour, which I unfortunately missed in Chicago, but the band is sure to please and seems to have a lot of shows so I wouldn't be surprised if they get to your city some time soon. Here's a video of them performing "Fault Lines Fact" live and it's AWESOME

They also have a casette of their current EP out as well, so you can e-mail the band for that.

The Band

I e-mailed them and they e-mailed me back. So we set up an interview. Here, without further ado, is that interview

Jordan : When did you start the band? Who's in it and how did you meet each other? We're oh in different bands before?
Fancytramp: Fancytramp started as Olivia Scibelli's solo project and morphed into a full band with Katie Banyay on bass and Matt Manning on drumbs in April 2012. Matt and Olivia worked together at the Groove (local record store). Olivia tamed Katie's hair (and she continues to do that....well) and they instantly clicked. Matt previously played drumbs in Nashville's Big Whig.

J: Your band name comes from a Charlie Chaplin film. Are you guys big into movies? Do they inform your work or output? What kinds of movies do you like?
F: We love movies and we hope to one day create a score for film.
Playing in a Store

J: On Get Bent you guys were likened to an amalgamation of grunge icons. I didn't really buy it, but I liked the thought. How would you describe your musical influences? How did you arrive at your sound? Who ends up impacting the music you make?
F: We all came together with the love of heavy rock and melodic music. Olivia's lyrics are influenced by poetry and punk. Email us at and we'll make you a mixtape!

J: Does the Nashville scene inform you guys a lot? Who are some of your favorite bands from there? Any favorite labels or venues?
F: It inspires and motivates us to continue on our path of making music and to try to bring something new to the table.

Crybaby, Ascent of Everest, Those Darlins, Ranch Ghost, and RI¢HIE.

Stone Fox, The End (RIP Brad & Stacey), and Marathon Music Works.
The album cover of the available EP

J: What releases do you guys have? How do you decide when a release is complete? Do you guys do physical releases? What do you think is the role of physical media in today's music climate?
F: Yes we have an EP on tape called Singing Tower at Sunset. Owning a physical copy of any type of music is so important. It allows the band to compile lyrics, artwork, and share anything else they please. We cannot wait to release music on vinyl because we're all collectors of it.

J: How do you record? Is there a decided songwriting role for each person? How does a song become finished? Do you use analog or digital recording?
F: We record at Battletapes. Olivia creates the skeleton, melody, and lyrics. Matt and Katie help with working on the structure. We've used both to record.

J: What can you say about your upcoming release? You mention something about a tentative summer 2013 release. How did you arrive at that? What are you all doing until that comes out?
F: We are in the process of writing and recording songs for a new record between touring, so we get in the studio when we can. We will release a 7" beforehand hopefully by winter.

J: Can you say anything about your current tour?
F: We are currently driving our beloved minivan Ursala in Kentucky with our beautiful merchmaiden, Coco. We're playing through the Midwest for a week.

10/4: Bloomington, IN
10/5: Chicago, IL
10/6: Detroit, MI
10/7: Cleveland, OH
10/8: Cincinnati, OH
10/9: Bowling Green, KY

Check our Facebook for more deets.

J: Anything else to say?

F: You can listen and download our EP at:

Email us anytime!!!! We would love stories to read while in the van!

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