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Interview with the Peoples' Temple

The Peoples Temple at a live show
Peoples' Temple are a band from Perry, Michigan - the band is made of two sets of brothers and they play a highly-refined 60s sounding garage rock n' roll with a bit of psychedelia. They have put out two full-length records on Chicago's very on Hozac Records, an amazing label if you have not checked it out yet.

I got into the guys when I picked up their first LP "Sons of Stone," which, from the very beginning, left me awestruck - these guys have a penchant for shoving wildly anthemic hooks into a basin of garage containedness. You can check out their first record on their BANDCAMP. Their next record "More for the Masses" continues down this path while removing a bit of the psychedelia but still maintaining a pervasive energy and rock n roll sensibility.

In addition, this band is constantly touring - I don't know how many shows they have played Chicago in the last year, but it seems to be the only thing that these guys do. You can see what shows they are playing and get a good feel from the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE

Give them a spin because they rock!

I contacted Alex. We spoke. This is a transcription of what happened.

Jordan: When did you guys start the band? It's kind of cool that you're two sets of brothers - did you guys play music together a lot before the People's Temple started?

Peoples' Temple:  We started our band in 2008. William, George and I played together all the time beforehand.

J: Are there a lot of good bands coming out of Lansing? Any bands that you would recommend checking out or that you enjoy playing with?

PT: Not a lot . There are two bands Racket Ghost and Language are the best bands in lansing right now, we're all close friends and have played many shows together.

J: You guys seem to always be touring here in Chicago - do you generally tour the midwest or do you change up your tours regularly? How do you plan everything out? What kind of jobs allow you guys to tour as you do?

PT: Well yes Chicago has always been a steady place for us to play as you know HoZac is based out of Chicago. But we have a great booking agent who helps us plan out are tours and yes in the near future we plan on touring quite regularly. We all have shitty jobs that will let you take time off to tour.

J: How did you decide on the name The Peoples Temple?

PT: We really liked BJM [editor's note: Brian Jonestown Massacre] and named it partly off their name in the Jonestown aspect.

J: You all have released a bunch of music in the last few years. What is the writing process like behind making new records and putting them out?

PT: I write and arrange most of the songs, then william/spencer will come in 

And write lyrics. Or George, william, or spencer will have a song and put on the table. 

J: Were there new influences, sounds, or songwriting techniques when you were making the new album "More for the Masses?"

PT: Yes for sure. We had been listing a lot to the James Gang, more intricate Love songs like off Forever Changes, and of course the Stones( think Aftermath).  Not a lot changed from SOS except we wanted to get a little away from the psych element and try making a decently polished record.

J: How did you produce the new album? Was it all self-produced or did you have outside help?

PT:  It was produced my me and George helped out as well. I just went for semi-polished 60's sound. Using layered vocals and Phil specters wall of sound technique.

J: What are some records that you have enjoyed this past year?

PT: I would have to say - Ariel pinks haunted graffiti- mature themes & Ty segall- twins

J: What's the best mexican restaurant you've been to while you've traveled around?

PT: Some place out in New York was pretty damn good forget the name.

J: What's the weirdest reaction you've gotten from a fan at a show?

PT: Some dude said we sounded like pink Floyd which I thought was kinda funny.

J: Anything else you guys would like to say?

PT: For sure. We have a third man single coming out in January and have already recorded a ton of new material enough for a third album.

And i guess i would say We give you are hearts and we give you are souls fuck everything else lets Rock and Roll.

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