Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Interview with SROS Lords

I got to meet Morgan and Jamie from Sros Lords on Record Store Day last year when they stopped by Permanent Records with their tour mates the Soupcans. Both bands had put on great sets and I had talked to the guys from Soupcans for a bit after they finished. Later that day, TV Ghost and Wax Idols played Permanent, but before they came on, I stopped by the comic book shop across the street to take a look around and ran into Jamie and Morgan from Sros Lords. Morgan was taken aback that I had not read Goon (And I still have not - I sincerely apolgoize, though I will eventually read it I swear!) and we talked for a while about music and comics, focusing on the music in their neck of the woods in Detroit, as well as what their upcoming plans for making music and touring were.

I totally took too long to put out this interview and I'm really sorry about that- I kept getting backtracked and I lost my handheld recorder, so I'm extremely thankful to the guys at Sros Lords for putting up with me. Next time they're in Chicago, I'm buying dinner.

Sros Lords are a garage punk band out of Detroit and have put out a 7" on the always excellent Urinal Cake Records as well as a new nine-song EP on their own website. Jamie and Morgan gave me a few good bands to check out when I first met them like Protomartyr, and referenced Midwest legends such as Timmy Vulgar.

We've stayed in contact since then and I got to see them in Pilsen earlier this Fall with their new band member Cait. They had a show the next day, however, and couldn't stay all that long. I understand that they recently toured with Whatever Brains, one of my favorite weirdo punk bands. It sounds like a killer bill and I'm sorry to have missed their East Coast dates. Knowing these guys though, they'll be playing back in Chicago soon enough.

They also have some of the consistently best artwork I've ever seen.

You can check out their Facebook Page, their Website, and pick up their 7" on Urinal Cake Records!

Jordan: Who all is in Sros Lords? When did you guys start playing?

Sros Lords: Old lineup: Phil, Al, Jamie ,Morgan. New Sros lineup:  Jamie, Morgan, Cait!

SL: Old Sros started playing in 2010 and the new lineup emerged in late 2013!!

J: What does the name Sros Lords come from? I'm unfamiliar with the word Sros...

SL: SROS stands for where we practice!  Sight Right Optical Studios! 

J: What kind of artists do you guys like? Are there any bands or artists that have kind of influenced your music?

SL: The artists we like are honest in their music and generally play music like dirt punk garage. Usually they’re crazy or weird - hopefully both! Every artist we come across adds to our influences.
J: What all have you guys released?  
SL: We have released three songs on Beehive records, two songs on a 7-inch for Urinal Cake records, and a self-released nine song EP on

J: How do you record a song? Are there roles for songwriting?
SL: We record with recording equipment. Just kidding. Guitar and drums get recorded live together, then we record synth and vocals separate. The songwriting roles are Morgan comes up with music and lyrics, I myself (Jamie) come up with the beats and Cait colors it all in!

J: You guys recently put out an album. How was that? How long did it take to record? What was the process like?  

SL: It was sweet! We got to work with Adam Cox who has recorded many a great Detroit act and Tim Vulgar from Human eye and Timmy`s Organism! It took about I’d say like sic months or so. We hammered our tracks down and with Adam and Timmy Controlling the Command station we focused on a trajectory all right for Spacecraft Liftoff!

J: You guys also got to play with Whatever Brains recently. Those guys are kind of hometown heroes for me since I went to school in North Carolina and got to see them a bunch. How was that? Any good stories?

SL: Fucking amazing! We did Three shows with them and Atlanta heroes Wymns Prysn! Watching Whatever Brains play was the story!

J: You’ve also said that you're currently in the recording process. What do you guys have in the works? 

SL: Were recording like six new tracks and then down the line we’ll record six more!!!

J: What are some good Detroit bands that you guys like a lot?

SL: Growwing Pains, Protomartyr, Johnny ILL band, Terrible Twos, Human Eye, Reverend, My Pal Val, Nebula Smile, Feelings, k9Sniffies, Moonhairy, Tyvek, Child Bite, Joe Dirty Show

J: I got to meet you guys in a comic book store after seeing you all at Permanent Records. Are comics important to you guys? What sorts of comics do you like?

SL: Yes, very important to us! We like Groo, Walking Dead, Marvel, DC. A general mix of superhero and modern normal dudes with abnormal situations

J: Do you guys have any plans to tour soon?

SL: We always plan on some type of tour! If Anyone wants us to play just hit us up!

J: Anything else you'd like to say?

SL: I just wanna say listen and get craazyy, spread the word, email us, talk to us, book us for your shows. Let’s have a fun time mixed with a crashing asteroid falling into a dragons Cave!

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