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Brief Interview with the Pizza Underground

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As a born again Chicagoan, I prefer deep dish pizza, but it's understandable that people like weaker pizzas. I've had pizza from all over the place. I've had pizza in Italy, I've had pizza from Roberto's in Bushwick (Thanks Gasface!), and I've had your run of the mill dominos pizza. I'm a big pizza fan. By no means am I an expert, though, so I am always looking for more pizza knowledge. When I heard that there was a pizza-themed Velvet Underground, and its spin-offs, tribute band, I was interested, as I enjoy both the Velvet Underground and pizza.

The band is Matt Colbourn on guitar, Phoebe Kreutz on glockenspiel, Deenah Vollmer on pizza box, Austin Kilham on tambourine, and Macaulay Culkin on kazoo. These five are from New York, and are some of the most enthusiastic pizza activists that I've ever encountered. First off, if you're doing a Velvet Underground tribute, amazing music has already been written for you so you're going to sound good. The Pizza Underground adds a layer of fun to the Velvet Underground/Lou Reed legacy, something that is oft missing from VU discussions.

To put things simply, listening to the Pizza Underground's demo tape makes me happy. It's a novel concept combined with reverence for one of America's great rock bands, injected with self-awareness and humor. And the lyrics! Not only are their lyrics about pizza, but they fit into the songs effortlessly.

The band plays live too! I hope to see them soon. You can keep up with them on their Facebook PageTwitter Account, and listen to the demo on their bandcamp, which I linked above.

In addition, the band will be touring in April. I have included the dates and locations at the bottom of the interview!

I decided to get in touch with the band and wrack their brains for their pizza wisdom. The answers are somewhat surprising, and absolutely telling! Thanks for the interview, guys!

Jordan: What is the best pizza joint you have ever been to? 

The Pizza Underground: Joe’s on Carmine in New York City!  It’s our fav.

J: Have you ever met the creator of pizza

PU: No we have not.  Have you?

J: What is better - thin crust pizza or deep dish pizza?  

PU: The consensus of the band:  Thin Crust All The Way. 

J: Is there a correct way to eat pizza

PU: Well there is no wrong way let’s put it that way. As long as you are eating Pizza, you are definitely doing the right thing.

J: Have you ever actually eaten pizza under the ground?  

PU: Not Yet.  Unless eating it in a swimming pool counts.

J: How many days a week should a person eat pizza

PU: Every day all day.  Wake up, eat pizza, don’t stop. Repeat the next day.

J: Pepperoni or sausage?  

PU: Pepperoni is the way to go… wait! actually one band member dissents and sticks up for Sausage

J: What else can you say about pizza

PU: Pizza will always be the star of any show.  And that’s quite understandable.  

 Pizza Underground April Dates:
18 – Asbury Park @ Wonder Bar
19 – Boston @ Church
20 – Providence @ AS220
21 – Hamden CT @ The Space + Outer Ballroom
26 – Brooklyn @ Brooklyn Bowl
28 – Seattle @ Chop Suey
29 – Portland @ Mississippi Studios

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