Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Release of the Day: Lust for Youth - Sickness + Demo

Lust for Youth began as the solo project of Hannes Norrvide. His early work is characterized by meditative synthesizer and noise amalgamation. There were only very minor hints of the techno-pop that Lust for Youth would become. By that I mean that there is limited vocal usage and the words are hard to discern other than what I believe is one passage of a female vocal sample. The things that appear on this release are more sonic paintings than songs as they are typically thought. There are sections of ambience here - strung out orchestrations of electronic musicianship. A curiosity. A probing finger or two. A blindfolded minor odyssey.

The project is now a three-piece with Loke Rahbek (of Croation Amor, Sexdrome, and more) and Malthe Fischer (of Oh No Ono) with pop songs - really great pop songs. But this early synthesizer work is important. The instrumental experimentation informs the eventual output in addition to being noise(ish) work that can stand on its own. I’m unsure if there are any links to songs on YouTube, but copies sometimes appear on Discogs. Definitely worth a search and listen.

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