Saturday, August 23, 2014

Release of the Day: White Fence vols. 1 & 2

On the little slip of paper inside the cassette version of this record is a poignant quote from Tim Presley: “Remember, the more silverware you get the lazier you become” in capital letters. What does that mean? And why is it in my dang cassette? Well, a surface level answer would be that there is something definitely whimsical about White Fence. A ramshackle philosophy lesson in questioning basic assumptions. And let's face the facts - eating with your bare hands rocks.

White Fence tends to put out at least one record a year and often more than a single LP.  Many bloggers commended Ty Segall for putting out three different projects in 2012, but so did Tim Presley. These were Hair, the collaborative album with Segall, Family Perfume vol. 1, and Family Perfume vol. 1. In my opinion, these albums were just as noteworthy as Segall’s, though for some reason, Presley has seemed to elude Segall’s success in mainstream press.

Family Perfume Vols. 1 & 2 employ a mellow psychedelia that meanders from near lullaby in “Balance Your Heart” to rock n’ roll parade in “Swagger Vets and Double Moon.” His live show, on the other hand, presents him at a louder volume. Castle Face records recently put out a live White Fence album, which has a rendition of “Swagger Vets and Double Moon,” albeit at a louder volume. It goes to show that these songs come from a study of the Sex Pistols just as much as the Beatles, which are some great influences to have by the way.

I like to think of having something like a song saloon in my head where good songs go to grab a drink, stretch out, enjoy the free massages, and linger. And Tim Presley writes a lot of the inhabitants that post up at the bar.

White Fence is back in Chicago in October at the Subterranean! Go to it! Tickets

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