Saturday, August 30, 2014

Release of the Day: Yellow Tears - Golden Showers May Bring Flowers

"Box set comes with key chain flash drive in a jewelry box, VHS, T-shirt, track listing insert, lifeguard card." It's a bit of an audiovisual-tactile-wearable album centered around a mythical freak water park and a lot of urine references. At some points, it's juvenile kicks, but that's part of the charm. This album has a lot going on in it. Obvious Musique concrète as a starting point, but there's a clear reverence for mood and technique. The juvenilia of something like "Wanna Watch my Favorite TV Show" will juxtapose the strange beauty of the track "Fountains' Song." This is a recurring motif in Golden Showers May Bring Flowers and it's indicative of a probing interest in sound and the way that human beings connect.

I haven't yet seen the VHS tape. In all honesty, I don't even have a VCR, but I think I need to get one for this. A lot of my friends who have seen it are saying that it's the best part.

Yellow Tears just played a Nothing Changes event in New York. I saw some pictures, which included some kind of water-park-like rig. One of the dudes was in a snorkling mask in like a mobile showering unit. I wonder what the liquid was. It was probably not clean. It was probably awesome. I really hope I get to see them soon - if they don't tour around the country, a trip to NYC may be in my future.

You can learn more about the filthy fucks on the Septic World Facebook Page and their Website. Warning: the website is an incredible Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole into the world of Hosetown. Like alternative reality. 

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