Friday, September 19, 2014

I got interviewed by Rick from feedtime

In a strange turn of events, Rick from feedtime wanted to interview me too. My interview with him and a bunch of the people involved with feedtime will be up soon, but in the meantime, here's a little bit about me.

Rick Feedtime: Why do you review stuff?

Jordan Reyes: I actually just started "reviewing" records a few weeks ago. I hate reviews in general. I think they're catty and plastered in jealousy so I kind of get around that by just featuring records I want and doing a "release of the day." Positivity in music criticism is sometimes lacking so I try to focus on that.

Rf: How long have you been doing it?

JR: I started the blog two years ago and only did interviews until about four weeks ago.

Rf: Musically trained?

JR: I've sang for as long as I can remember. I was in musicals throughout middle school and high school. I played trombone and piano when I was a kid too and taught myself guitar starting at 18. I also did a lot of dance for a while from hip hop to interpretive stuff, including some group choreography.

Rf: In a band?

JR: Yeah. We're just starting and had our first couple of writing sessions recently, but it's really cool so far.

Rf: Solo stuff?

JR: Yeah, I've done a lot of solo music. I've written about 150 songs in the last couple of years but I haven't had anything properly released or really even tried to be honest, though I play around town here and there.

Rf: Listen to what?

JR: When I was a kid, I listened to hip hop and latin music like reggaeton and bachata, but got into rock and its derivatives when I was like 18. Now I listen to everything - industrial, noise, experimental, psych, rock, blues, folk, old world music, stuff from all over.

Rf: Why did you do the feedtime wiki entry?

JR: It wasn't up there and I thought it should be

Rf: Have you ever seen a vinyl record?

JR: Yeah. I spend all my money on records. It's my only expense other than food, rent, and transit. I started collecting about 5 years ago and now have around 1500 12" records.

Rf: Are you acquainted with Anya Ciccone?

JR: Not until you asked, but I looked her up and she seems great!

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