Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Release of the Day: The Body - I Shall Die Here

Bobby Krlic of the Haxan Cloak has this immediately recognizable reverb/echo effect that he uses - it sounds like someone dropping a small amethyst gem into a very deep, very cold, very old pewter well. It's unmistakable. And I heard it in the heaving, disturbing video for "To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me" even before the album came out. Turns out that the Body's album I Shall Die Here was produced by Bobby Krlic himself - The Body, already masters of the unsettling, found the perfect partner for a darkened mood.

The Body has released another noteworthy album this year, which is a collaborative album with Thou. And they are soon releasing a record with Sandworm. These guys don't quit. And they are on a perma-tour of sorts, which is fucking awesome if you ask me. They just finished up a very successful Indiegogo campaign (I picked up one of those awesome Jonestown t-shirts cause I get kicks from weird shit) for the funding of a new van and these guys totally deserve it. When they played Chicago a month or two ago, they had a collaborative set with Thou at the Empty Bottle where they covered Nine Inch Nails' "Terrible Lie," but they also played at the Albion House before. The Body is one of the hardest working bands out there and I am personally inspired by them.

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