Thursday, September 4, 2014

Release of the Day: Institute - Giddy Boys 7"

I saw these guys with Destruction Unit twice at the end of May. One set was at the Void House in NWI and the other was at the Township. At the time, other than Destruction Unit, the only bands that I was familiar with who were playing were Carbonleak, Final Grin, and Gas Rag. Institute floored me, though. There's this angular sickness that comes out of the guitarist's strums and a dead-to-rights seriousness in the music. The singer is in a league of his own, though, man. I thought Moses Brown had minor cerebral palsy as he performed. He pigeon-stepped from side to side, wide-eyed, spitting and sputtering with a crumpled witch hand collapsed on his shoulder holding the mic. And when I saw him walk off after the set normally, I didn't know what to think. Had I just witnessed something incredibly offensive? Probably. And am I a bad person for loving it? Stay tuned, sportsfans.

Institute just released a great 7" on Brooklyn's premiere punk label Katorga Works, which has put out records by Ivy, Merchandise, Blotter, and more. It's called Giddy Boys and features another three demented punk songs from these sick fucks. You can check out the songs on their Bandcamp and while you're at it, give the Demo a spin too, which is excellent stuff in the vein of 80s California deathrock. This one is going to go fast too, especially with the news that these guys just signed with Sacred Bones for an upcoming 12" EP called Salt - I already preordered this and have heard some of the songs live or on their live cassette and these are some killer jams. I can't wait to see them come back through. Keep an eye on them because they are for sure going places.

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