Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Release of the day: Leather Slave - Leather Slave

The post on Permanent Records' website  quotes Julian Cope's review of the Brainbombs' record "Obey"  as being the same review of Leather Slave. It's funny, but it's totally true. Leather Slave are a sick, noise rock band from the battery acid and corrosion infested sewers of Los Angeles making filthy, deranged music. It does sound like Brainbombs a lot, and it features heavy riffing with fucked up lyrics and one of the most offensive album covers I've seen this side of Dawn of the Black Hearts.

Permanent really did a number on this package too. Oxblood wax on a 45 rpm 12". I played this the other night when I was going to bed and had nightmares. I am on a massive Boeing jet going to California, but almost immediately, it careens in the wind. A tumultuously dancing plummet, skitter scattering across low-gliding nimbi. Like a fan rattling before shuddering to a halt because the power went out. The plane crashes silently. The wreckage is quiet. I blink once. Twice. Blood leaks from my face. A femur crests from out of my thigh.

In real life, I wake with a lingering, dull pain. Safe for the time being.

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