Friday, September 5, 2014

Release of the Day: Mind! - Stunde Null

"Stunde Null" is the German equivalent of the "Zero Hour," and specifically means the time when the Nazis capitulated on May 8, 1945. I don't know where the name as album name came from, but there are definite kosmische vibes here, especially on the album opener "Sundrun Hreyfingarlaus," with a wah-pedal used to gently wash interstellar jams and drop little cosmic rose petals over an unbeatable bassline. In the background is an echoing ambulance siren. What's coming? What needs to be rescued? Who knows, but this record will save whatever humdrum party you're at from falling into the abyss by dropping a bridge of solid light over the precipice. Now you guys can cross over safely into the land of mind-melting psychedelic jammery.

Here's the score. These dudes are from Spain and have had members in bands like Zoom, Viaje a 800, and Buenamuerte Trio. I'm not totally well-versed in what's going on in Spain at the moment, but somehow I doubt that there is much music like this coming from over there. There were only 500 copies of this record pressed, but I saw one at Permanent in Chicago if you get the itch. I actually originally bought this there because I heard the first track, was totally blown away, and picked it up on the spot. There are copies you can still purchase from the band on their Bandcamp Page where you can also stream the album in full, which I completely recommend cause this record is through the R-O-O-F and that spells Moooooon!

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