Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Release of the day: Randall McLellan - The Healing Power of Rana vols. 1-4

I picked up Randall McLellan's The Healing Music of Rana on a whim back in February or March. I can't remember, but it couldn't really have come at a better time. To give a little bit of backstory, I made substantial life changes this calendar year, which have made me a much happier and stable human being. But they haven't always been easy. I've found that meditation, exercise, and music are the most important parts of my healing process. The Healing Music of Rana hits on two of these - I can't really recommend running while listening to it though.

Let's say up front that this is meditative music. It is slow-tempo with raga-like vocals layered on top of soothing synthesizers, a Moog prodigy and Micromoog synthesizer if we are to believe the writing on the back of the packaging. "The Healing Music of Rana music series developed gradually during a fifteen-year involvement with classical electronic music technique, the study of esoteric mystical traditions and personal practice of North Indian vocal music between the years 1966 to 1985." That pretty much says it all.

The four volumes were recently reissued by Sun Ark Records and are sold out, though you can stream all four volumes and even buy the digital version on the Healing Music of Rana Bandcamp page.

At the bottom of the back of the package are some words with recommended listening techniques. "These compositions are selected for their meditational and healing abilities. Settings of treble, bass, and loudness levels on your home amplifier determine the music's effect upon you. Please explore until the most comfortable setting is found." I couldn't agree more.

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