Monday, September 15, 2014

Release of the Day: Rectal Hygienics - Even The Flies Won't Touch You

The bassline for "Bad Behavior" is like the Jaws theme. It's sound signifies that some primordial beast is about to surface from some interminable maw. Matt Ibarra begins "My anger is nothing to do with hate. Business is business and that's all that it is to me." The guitars scream too in a symbiotic relationship, burbling, cracking, whirling, turning in some widening gyre. The centre cannot hold.

The obvious comparison to make is Brainbombs, but I think Rectal Hygienics is a bit more sophisticated. Lyrically, there are similar themes, but Rectal Hygienics utilizes less repetition in words and phrases, or at least spreads out the repetition. There are full scenarios and characters, making near-suites in the Rectal Hygienics catalog.

I haven't heard the second Rectal record yet, but my friend Jeffrey was present during the instrumental recordings and he said that it will be his favorite record of the year. And he's got incredible taste. I've heard one song actually and the vocal delivery was completely different than the howls that I was used to. For now, I'll make due with their first visceral document.

Here's a live recording of their set at Varnish

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