Thursday, September 11, 2014

Release of the day: Spider Bags - Frozen Letter

I met Dan McGee at a Spider Bags show he played with John Wesley Coleman and the Golden Boys at Duke Coffeehouse. I had already finished at least a six-pack of Yuengling lager cans and was standing next to Dan during the Golden Boys set when I asked him if I could have a swig of his Andre-branded champagne. He immediately ran off and returned with a full red solo cup and with a sly grin explained "I'm a bit of a germaphobe."

A few weeks back, I got to see Dan again at a show in Chicago. I gave him a huge huge as soon as I saw him. As always, the Bags played a rockin' set with classics like "Que Viva El Rocanrol" and "Simona La Ramona," but their new burners fit the show just as well.

Dan and I talked a bit about the dual-natured side of their newest album. He explained that, yeah, it was deliberate. The band can write country-tinged garage punk until the cows come home, but they are also interested in more drawn-out psychedelic rock, as you can hear in the second part of their album.  And there's familiarity in those hooks, but the swirling guitars (ft. Merge Mogul Mac McCaughan) are a welcome inclusion if you ask me.

Que Viva Los Spider Bags!

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