Monday, September 1, 2014

Release of the Day: Wand - Ganglion Reef

I'm in LAX airport about to fly back to Chicago after a week of work on both the East coast and West coast and I've just seen the Ty Segall Band play four sold out shows at the Echo. It's been a great weekend and aside from the obvious Segall rockage, some of the openers have really blown me away like the Meatbodies, Wand, Endless Bummer, Jack Name, Prettiest Eyes, and Zig Zags. When I'm on the road, I carry around an old Sony walkman - for some reason I like the sound of it. A little rattle and hum, you dig? At some level, it's also a materialistic, social-status thing where I kind of invite the notion of spectacle in too - so my vanity does get the best of me a little. I know that I have sort of a penchant for attention-craving, but I'm also honest about it.

Wand was the second opener for the Ty Segall band on the second night of his residency at the Echo. I had heard of the band but not heard the band. It is Cory Hanson's new band after Pangea. To make things simple, Wand is a band that probably digs classic rock - there are Nuggets elements here, an overall understanding of music from the sixties - both the pop-oriented hooks and the psychedelic swirls. Some of their songs are more drawn out than others, but in a good way that leaves room for play. These guys sound like they're having fun. And their stage show translates well to the album Ganglion Reef they just put out on the God? moniker under Drag City. For a better idea of some of the songs, you can also check out some of their sounds on Soundcloud.

This is excellent psych pop and easily recommended for people who like their music with a side of pleasantry.

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