Thursday, September 25, 2014

Interview with One of the Kurts in Ausmuteants

There should be a limit to how many Kurts you can have in a band. Ausmuteants have too many Kurts. There’s just too many goddamn  Kurts. There are four Kurts in the band! Four! Count ‘em! I don’t know if these are their real names, but I can’t really just ask them “Hey, are you really a Kurt?” Like. What a dumb question. A rose by any other name, ya dig? There’s one Shaun and four Kurts in Australia’s prodigy synth-punk band Ausmuteants according to Facebook, supposedly named after a Brazilian mushroom (but who really knows [you’ll see half-truths become a bit of a recurring theme here]). What are the names behind these cats because the band was started by two guys respectively named Jake Robertson and Billy Gardner? More importantly, why am I getting hung up on this? Who the fuck knows, sportsfans.

These dudes released a pretty fantastic LP on Aught/Goner called Amusements in 2013 and are about to release a second full-length titled Order of Operation (produced by Mikey Young!) on Goner again here in the States. They are currently on tour and set to play the Owl in Chicago with the Sueves, and Big Zit, which will surely be a fantastic, rowdy-ass show. Nuttin' wrong with a lil bit of FUN, you freaks! I embedded a song from their upcoming LP too, if you're into music.

Jordan Reyes: What the hell is an Ausmuteant?

One of the Kurts: An Ausmuteant is a Brazilian mushroom that grew strong in the 60s and got weaker over time.

JR: You're currently playing the States right now. Had you guys played here before? Are the audiences much different?

OOTK: Never played in the states before. I’ve done Europe twice with a different band. It's easier over there: you get food, drinks and accommodation. But everybody has been super nice here so far.

JR: There's a lot of shit, piss, and flushing on your record Amusements. How important is human waste removal to Ausmuteants?

OOTK: Amusements is filled with petty humor. There is none on our new record, so I think it will double our audience and half our audience at the same time.

JR: What is the grossest bathroom that you've ever been to?

OOTK: I once went into the toilet on a train to Big Day Out 03 (shitty bogan 'fuck off we're full festival -rip) and somebody had smeared a huge grogan all over the stall. It was so funny I puked.

JR: You've got a new record coming out by way of Goner Records here in the States. How did you guys write and record this? You had more band members with this time around, right? Did that affect things?

OOTK: Order of Operation (new record) was recorded with Mikey Young in June 2014. It has the same line up as our last record (amusements) but a better production, and more thought out songs. I'm happy as Larry with it. Every song is ridgy didge.

JR: What synthesizers do you guys play on the records? Do you use the same synths as a live band?

OOTK: On the first record I played a shitty Casio keyboard, Mikey brought his good synths, but I didn't know how to use them. He sold me my first 'proper' synth (Korg Poly800) for 150 (bargain) and I use that live. I also used it for the new record. In America, we travelled without visas, so we had to buy instruments here. I bought a Roland JX 3p with a PG200 programmer. It took me 3 shows to get a decent sound.

JR: Do you guys listen to much electronic music? Are there any artists that you particularly like?

OOTK: Shaun is the member who listens to the most electronic music, he's asleep in the back of the van, so I can't name drop. I love black devil disco club/ minimum wave/ Italo stuff. That's probably as close as I get.

JR: What are you guys listening to in the van on tour?

OOTK: Currently listening to Ramones “It’s Alive” in the van now. Blasted some Kool Keith earlier, and some girl group comps before that. Variety, p good spice.

JR: Have you guys ever been to the Great Barrier Reef? Have you ever seen a great white shark?

OOTK: I've seen a shark in the goddamn Great Barrier Reef.

JR: What all is in the future for Ausmuteants?

OOTK: We will probably break up and concentrate on our beloved girlfriends.

JR: Anything else you'd like to say?

OOTK: Down with homework.

Dig this song from their upcoming record!

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