Saturday, November 22, 2014

Release of the Day: Sandy - Sandy EP

There's limited information on the band Sandy. Judging from one of the pictures on their website, I think it's comprised of three people. Last week, they put out their debut, a five-song EP cassette on Night People that is also available on digital distros like iTunes and Amazon.

Sandy is a group of synthpoppers from New York City who combine willowy shoegaze-inspired vocals with moody, synth-driven pop backdrops. There's an element of siren-esque parity in the play between the male and female vocalists, which obviously makes the music more alluring than inviting, though, to be fair, the band obviously welcomes visitors. It's melancholy, but pleasant in a pinhole personal remembrance way. These songs play on feelings of nostalgia before decimating expectations.

On a song like "Tried and True," Sandy uses a subdued, but masterly approach to the soft-loud-soft effect before ending with whirling, atmospheric noise effects. Sandy can pace a song very well, resting on friendly song structures throughout without giving away any coming secrets. A song like "Growl," however, accrues its power through mesmerizing mood and all-too-close-to-home mantras of co-destruction: "We won't stop bringing each other down."

As said above, this EP is the band's debut, and a strong one at that. Sandy's played a handful of shows, which is probably where the band's confidence and fullness comes from. It makes the EP a real joy to listen to, as it's very controlled, and honestly the word that I can't stop thinking is elegant. It's gorgeously textured and layered even aside from the vocals, which makes me interested in seeing the band live. Here's hoping they tour such a strong record.

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