Monday, February 2, 2015

Release of the Day: Sharlyn Evertsz - Sharlyn Evertsz

This isn't a new tape, but it is a new tape for me. I walked into Sweat Records on Sunday, basically because my hotel room was cold and lonesome, and I needed a place to transcribe the hour-and-a-half-long ONO interview I just put up. I knew that Sweat had an eclectic selection of records in addition to being a vegan cafe, so I figured I'd post up there for a while and get my 'ffeine on. While I was there, I struck up a conversation with Emile who worked there and happened to be into a lot of the same kind of music that I was. She hipped me to four more noise-oriented cassettes from local musicians. I had brought my walkman but the only two cassettes I had were Brett Naucke's newest excellent tape and the Burger cassette of the first Paperhead record. Great pieces of music for sure, but after two weeks I needed some more.

The first cassette that Emile recommended was Sharlyn Evertsz's self-titled cassingle on Drugged Conscience, a tape featuring an industrial R & B song (it's a thing) and a more typical rhythmic noise piece. Sharlyn Evertsz is an experimental musician from Miami who boasts a large digital portfolio, though only has a couple physical releases. I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about her, but I can't stop listening to this tape, even though it's only about eight minutes long. She's playing the International Noise Conference at Churchill's in Miami on Thursday, which is the day I fly to LA to catch the Ascetic House boys play a couple shows over the weekend, but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for her in the future!

Below is a stream of that Industrial R & B song I mentioned above. Waaaaaay killer cut.

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