Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Release of the Day: CCR Headcleaner - Cokesmoker

Remember that scene in the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory? The one in the tunnel? Where shadows of the past and the yet-to-be come lurching out from their spindly quasi-existence to take vengeful tolls on consciousness youthful and old alike? That's what Side A, the title track, of psychedelic-noise-rockers CCR Headcleaner's new 12" EP Cokesmoker (Pollen Season/Stale Heat) sounds like. Well, that's not entirely fair - there's stability in the form of a fundamental, patient bassline, but what rides the crest of the rhythmic wave is as much explosive as it is exploratory - what form can a composition take when barraged with a meandering, curious guitar and an open mind?

This is what CCR Headcleaner values. They're not complacent: things need to move and change in order to prove worth. The component parts need to pay their rent, so to speak. It's what makes the release compelling, this roving adventurousness - as much as a listener may expect a Brian Jonestown Massacre song from the introductory lyrics and groove, he or she isn't going to get it. While CCR Headcleaner absolutely could make a 3-minute psych pop song, they're more interested in taking the listener on a journey, which is what Cokesmoker does and where it succeeds.

The band is going on a full US tour this month!

April 23 San Francisco, CA - The Knockout
April 24 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theater
April 25 Phoenix, AZ - The Icehouse
April 26 El Paso, TX - Monarch
April 27 Austin, TX - Beerland
April 28 Houston, TX - Mango's
April 30 New Orleans, LA - Saturn Bar
May 1 Oxford, MS - Cats Purring Dude Ranch
May 2 Memphis, TN - Buccaneer Lounge
May 3 Nashville, TN - East Room
May 4 Atlanta, GA - TBA
May 6 Athens, GA - Caledonia Lounge
May 7 Asheville, NC - Mothlight
May 8 Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave
May 9 Richmond, VA - TBA
May 10 Washington D.C. - TBA
May 11 Baltimore, MD - The Bank
May 13 Boston, MA - TBA
May 14 Portland, ME - TBA
May 15 Providence, RI - TBA
May 16 Brooklyn, NY - Palisades 
May 17 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
May 18 Pittsburgh, PA - Gooskis
May 19 Cleveland, OH - Euclid Tavern
May 20 Detroit, MI - Painted Lady
May 21 Columbus, OH - Bourbon Street
May 22 Indianapolis, IN - Debbie's Palace of Noise and Laundry 
May 23 Chicago, IL - Permanent Records
May 24 Chicago, IL - Texas Ballroom
May 25 Milwaukee, WI - Quarters Rock and Roll Palace
May 26 Minneapolis, MN - Warehouse
May 27 Iowa City, IA - Trumpet Blossom Cafe
May 28 St. Louis, MO - Foam
May 29 Kansas City, MO - Mini Bar
May 30 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge
May 31 Denver, CO - TBA
June 2 Reno, NV - Holland Project

Here's a live version of the title track.

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