Monday, September 7, 2015

Release of the Day: Unmanned Ship - "Crystal Pepsi" b/w "Pad Thai Fighter"

The 33rpm 7" format is perfect for a band like Unmanned Ship. You get two wandering jams (about ten minutes of tunery) without getting the feeling that the band had to clip its songs. Unmanned Ship in a live setting is intense and loud with all the trappings of a heavy psych band. Comparatively, this 7" has a lithe feel: for instance, "Crystal Pepsi" has this recurring lucid, pop-like chorus. The guitar and bass swell and the pitch elevates briefly before returning to its motorik foundation. It's a beautiful cluster of moments, one that makes Unmanned Ship stand out from its peers.

"Pad Thai Fighter" begins, fittingly, with a storm before taking on a somnambulant feel, occasionally broken up by torrential passages that would be as at home on a Godspeed! You Black Emperor record as they are on this record. The song eventually collapses in feedback and looping, gyroscopic whirls. And goddamn, you've gotta hear it again.

I interviewed Unmanned Ship about a year ago too. Great band. Great dudes.


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